You have my support and my endorsement.  You’ll be an extraordinary school board member and champion for our kids who most need us.  I know it because I’ve already seen you do it! ” Matt Haney, SF Board of Education Commissioner

“Alison Collins really cares about the issues and concerns of the parents and students of SFUSD.” – Mildred Coffey, Parent Advocate

“I had the pleasure of going through my teaching credential program at San Francisco State University with Alison Collins, who from the very start highlighted issues of equity and access to education as her main areas of focus. Her passion for youth and justice inspired me and we spent many hours planning and discussing ways to improve our instruction. We were even hired at the same school, Galileo High School, and as first-year teachers helped each other keep the vision of equity and justice alive for our students and to meet the many needs of the youth we taught who came from all over San Francisco. I’ve stayed in touch with Alison since that time and her passion for justice is as strong today as it was then. I’m certain she will make a great member of the SF Board of Education and will tirelessly fight for a system that makes our schools equitable and safe for all.” – Joel Arquillos, Executive Director, 826LA

Alison is someone who will not give up fighting for our students and teachers. She’s a progressive thinker and extremly thoughtful in every challenge she faces. – Sonia Cantu-Faulhaber, former Spring Valley Science School parent volunteer, PTA board member and school liaison

“It’s time for a candidate who understands how to address equity concerns and ensure that all students have an opportunity to achieve and thrive.” – William Walker, Former CCSF Student Trustee

“Alison is a fighter for justice and equity in SFUSD. I am excited about her candidacy and look forward to working to put Alison on the school board!” – Allyson Bravmann, Parent, Tenderloin Community School

“Alison knows the reality of what it takes to be an effective teacher and has been involved in the educational community since she was a colleague of mine at Galileo High School. Her passion is self evident from her various writings and participation at school board meetings.” – David Barrios, SFUSD Science Teacher

“As an educator, Alison understands how the inner circle of SFUSD works and the areas that need improvement. She is fearless in getting San Francisco’s Schools the much needed resources and attention they deserve. She gets that educating our youth equitably, will lead to a greater stronger city. She is supportive of teachers and administers, but also understands that sometimes change needs to happen and she will advocate strongly for what is best for the students education.” – Susanne Dunnigan, Writer, SFUSD Parent

“I’ve worked closely with Alison on racial and education justice issues over the past few years and she gets results. She’s the only candidate who is a parent, educator and advocate and who has worked for the district. Alison knows how things work and how to support parents in making powerful changes. She builds power for Black and other parents of color, building family voice in transformative ways that makes the district more accountable. I can’t wait to see what happens when she’s on the Board of Education.” – Julie Roberts Phung, Co-Founder of SF Families Union

“I support Allison Collins , because she fights for equitable education for all students and families.” – Gailyn Anderson, Community Leader, Former SFUSD PAC member

“Alison Collins has been a consistently thoughtful and intelligent voice in her writing and advocacy about education in San Francisco. I regularly turn to her for incite into issues facing the SFUSD and for resources to help educators create more inclusive, equitable, and righteous classrooms. She understands that the arts are essential for a school system that values each individual student.” – Todd Berman, Director, Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area

“Alison and I connected originally on Twitter over ideas related to equity, social justice and technology access in SFUSD schools. Her background as an educator, parent and activist make hers the kind of profile I’d like to see more of on the Board of Education. In addition, she came to one of the schools I support, George Washington Carver Elementary, and volunteered for Computer Science Education Week, when we did Hour of Code challenges. I endorse Alison Collins for SF Board of Education.” – Owen Peery, Computer Science Teacher, SFUSD, STEM Department

“She brings knowledge and heart to our district, seeing possibilities, potential, and solutions where others see impossibility, lack, and problems.” – Cynthia Eagleton, Teacher

“I believe in Alison Collins. She is brilliant and knowledgable about schools. She cares about our most vulnerable students and the educators who work so hard to serve them. She will be a strong voice for families and educators.” – Jeremiah Jeffries, Teacher 4 Social Justice, 1st Grade Teacher, SFUSD

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