Let’s keep our promises!

I am a educator, parent organizer and public school mom. I’ve taught English, designed and delivered anti-bias education, and organized families to improve our schools. For the 20+ years I’ve lived in SF, I have successfully advocated for safe schools, access to strong academic programs for every child, and increased communication with families. Now, I’m running to ensure our district keeps its promises—every child deserves a great experience in SFUSD schools!

Safe schools

All students deserve schools that are physically, emotionally, and culturally safe. Let’s ensure all educators get support to address bullying, hate-speech and bias in our schools.

  • Increase support for schools in addressing bullying, hate speech and implicit bias.
  • Invest in K-12 ethnic studies curriculum, diverse books and cultural celebrations like African American, Latinx, Asian-American History etc.
  • Increase professional development and push-in support for educators in high-needs schools.

Every child supported and engaged

All students deserve challenging instruction and individualized support to achieve their highest potential. Let’s increase academic opportunity for students and bring more resources to schools with community schools and wellness centers.

  • Continue to eliminate tracking and other forms of segregation within and among schools—ALL students deserve access to quality instruction:
    • English Learner students deserve computer science and arts classes.
    • Students of Color deserve well-resourced schools, experienced teachers and culturally relevant instruction
    • High performing students deserve challenging curriculum. (Tutoring is NOT enrichment!)
  • Increase wraparound services to support non-academic issues that impact learning, this includes: wellness centers, support for foster/homeless youth, and community schools.
  • Advocate for reduced class size, increased professional development for meeting needs of gifted and struggling students, and increase push-in support for students with academic and behavioral challenges.
  • Maximize resources to sites: eliminate waste at central office and hold charters accountable.

Communication and Transparency

All families deserve to be heard, regardless of income, home language or education level. Let’s set clear expectations for sharing information with families, and simplify enrollment.

  • Increase access to translation/interpretation services so language is not a barrier for families or a burden for linguistically diverse schools.
  • Establish clear expectations for sites and central office staff in communicating and listening to families.
  • Improve ‘customer service’ at SFUSD’s central office to improve support for families in navigating complicated education systems like enrollment, and reporting school concerns.

For all these things to happen, we also need to ensure SFUSD’s amazing educators and staff are able to live and work in our city.

Join me! Let’s help SFUSD keep its promises!

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