SF School Board Member Alison Collins Defends Herself Against Recall Effort

Posted by on November 19, 2021

By Vanessa Rancaño on Nov 19

Here’s what Alison Collins said in a KQED article addressing concern about “learning loss” related to school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Vanessa Rancaño asked:

“For a lot of parents who are supporting this recall they are frustrated around the reopening of schools,  feeling like the board wasn’t listening to them and ignoring concerns about learning loss and mental health issues. They argue, if this board is so worried about equity, why are they doing these “symbolic” things and not reopening, which would help the kids who are most likely to suffer learning loss during the pandemic. What would you want to say to them?

My response:

“We represent all parents and I’m a parent who wanted my teenagers to go back for sure, but there were also families that reached out to us that were worried. Our number one priority was opening schools safely, not opening schools at all costs. I’m proud of the work that our district has done and I think it reflects a wide range of perspectives.

This idea about learning loss — every year, the parent advisory council — the [American Indian/Alaskan Native Parent Advisory Council], the [Community Advisory Committee for Special Education for SFUSD], the English Learners Advisory Committee —  present an official report to the Board of Education and there is one consistent thing that they say that their children need: they need to see that their community, history and culture is reflected in the curriculum. That motivates kids, so that has a direct impact on achievement. Anybody who’s saying they’re not focused on learning is actually just not aware or hasn’t been involved because that’s the work that we’re currently doing.”

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